Three Chords & the Truth

August 17, 2017|  Issue #696


What are the odds?

From the “What Are the Odds?” department… a musician friend of mine in Corpus, Guy Le Roux, tells me he’s in the final stages of releasing his first CD. So, being the diligent fellow that he is, Guy checked to see if there were any other “Guy Le Rouxs” out there, mainly out of curiosity but also possible copyright issues. Well it turns out there are, and one in particular is a musician from Ontario, Canada, named “Guy Leroux,” who has released 17 albums. He records country and children’s records and has a voice slightly reminiscent of Jimmy Dale Gilmore. His version of “I’m a Yellow School Bus” is riveting.  So, since his name was already being used, Guy decided to throw his middle name, Marcel, into the mix to give it resounding distinction. Not exactly your standard Texas three names (Larry Joe, Billy Bob, Robert Earl, Ronnie Dean…you get the picture), but then Guy (our Guy) is originally from Connecticut. Well, I thought it was amusing. And actually, the two Guy’s have become Facebook friends and are talking about writing a song together… small world, huh? Call it, “A Tale of Two Guys.” You’ll be able to catch Guy Marcel Le Roux at the Songwriter’s Showcase in October. Buy a CD from him but not the one about the yellow school bus. I doubt Yusef Latif or Thelonius Monk had this problem.


The Nightowls…

I know I have a tendency to gush a bit when it comes to some of the bands I really like. Prepare yourself. I REALLY, REALLY liked the one I saw last Friday at the Back Porch… The Nightowls (Austin, TX). This was a ten piece show band formed in 2014, with a three piece horn section and two scalding hot doo-wop singers. The bandleader, Ryan Harkrider, has raised the bar. I’m talking about blue eyed soul at its finest. The whole show was a tight, highly synchronized ball of energy busting out of all ten band members, who had some kind of telepathic communication going on. It was like Wayne Newton meets the Pointer Sisters at Mingo Fishtrap’s house…on steroids. This was as close to a Las Vegas show as we’re ever going to get on Cotter Street. I honestly pulled a chair up to the front of the stage and sat there grinning like a monkey for the whole show. I was absolutely electrified. Their vitality was exhilarating. It was Lyle Lovett’s big band all over again, plus dancing. All the girls in the crowd were wiggling from the first note. That’s always a good sign.  Even I felt wiggly.  You couldn’t help it. The beat was infectious. The next day all anyone could talk about was the Nightowls. Lord, that was fun. I want to know where these guys have been hiding. Thank you again, Becky Hyden, for booking this band and blowing my mind.


Scattered shots…

And the next night, another big party band, Finding Friday (San Antonio, TX) descended on the Porch and gave us another big soul show. I must admit, after the Nightowls, Finding Friday almost seemed a little subdued (if that’s possible). I love Finding Friday and am old friends with their lead singer, Chris Byrd, and have a huge appreciation for the material they do. Byrd’s voice is as clean and clear as a bell. Then throw the phenomenon known as Ruben V (San Antonio, TX) on Thursday night, and pound for pound, you have the best line-up of live music ANYWHERE. Kudos to you, my beloved Back Porch. But, the BP wasn’t the only game in town last weekend by any means. Local fave Ty Dietz brought his “A” team with him to Giggity’s with the Reverend Matt Martinez on electric guitar and J.M. Muniz on bull fiddle. They handled the big stage at Giggity’s like pros. And over at Shorty’s, the great Independent Thieves (Corpus Christi, TX) played to a full porch. At this show, guitarist David King, kicked up their usual folky show a notch with some tasty licks on his Les Paul. They had a drummer with them, so we had a nice diversion with the Electric Thieves (of sort). I gotta say, this band just gets better and better. The musical connection between King and Garrett Wieland is undeniable and their harmonies blend like mango margaritas.



Coming this weekend…

Well, the kiddos are heading back to school. The weather is still hotter than blazes with no change in sight. The coyotes are thick as thieves right now and as brazen as ever. And we are two weeks out from Labor Day. To sum it up, it’s the dog days. My advice is to hydrate. Tonight, Thursday the 17th, Austin Meade will play the Back Porch, the Free Beer Band will play Giggity’s and the always wacky Selfie will get their Dunebilly groove on at Shorty’s. Also tonight, there’s a big show in town at Brewster Street with Whiskey Myers and Blue Water Highway. On Friday, the pride of Comfort, Texas Uel Jackson will bring his Tarpon Ice House vibe to the Gaff. Also on Friday, Hamilton Loomis (Houston, TX) plays the Back Porch. Loomis is a hot licks funky blues player with tow sack full of soul. He really is an original act. Plus on Friday, Somethin’ Silky will play Treasure Island, Eric Magnussen will play Shorty’s, and Rich Lockhart will play the courtyard at the Tarpon Inn. On Saturday, Mario Flores will play the Back Porch, Billy Snipes is at the Gaff, the smooth country of Todd Dorn and the Sea Drifters (San Antonio, TX) will play Giggity’s, Jason Southern is at Treasure Island and the reggae of the Chanklas is at Shorty’s. And for all you hard rockers, Seether will play Concrete Street on Monday. That ought to keep you busy for a while. Stay cool out there.


♫♪♫ And, that’s the truth ♫♪♫



August 10, 2017|  Issue #695

Happy trails & full sails…

Well we got Timmy Flavell laid to rest. It was a respectable turnout for our beloved pirate. It was a pirate theme for the send off and many of the folks had dressed the part. Everybody loaded up on the Mustang and we headed out to the jetties with his ashes. On the way, we were attacked and boarded by pirates from the Black Booty, the “Pirate Attack” boat of which Timmy was a respected crew member. There were lots of water canons and smoking canons with big booms and folks being a little silly, because that’s the way Timmy was. Timmy had a lot of friends and there were plenty of photo ops. As we passed through the jetties, about 50 of Timmy’s friends had gathered on the banks. This was a real Port A send off. Adios pirate. Happy trails and full sails. It was a pleasure to know you.


PAPD saves drowning woman…

Kudos to the three PAPD officers that ran into the ocean with all their gear on, at 4 in the morning last Monday, to save a drowning lady. Apparently she was wading knee deep in the Gulf when she fell and a big wave swept her out to sea. The police officers, Alan Graham, Brett Boyer, and Gina Oestreich, found the 40 years old lady about 300 feet from shore, near the Horace Caldwell Pier and were able to rescue her using the departments floatation devices and ropes recently donated by the Port Aransas Police Foundation. The local woman was exhausted but OK. Here’s to a few real heroes. Thank you PAPD for being there!!!


Scattered shots…

It was another fun and eventful week here on our little island. The long awaited Grand Opening of the new Port Aransas Art Center kicked off with a booming First Friday celebration. The new facility is absolutely gorgeous and we at the Island Moon commend you, Mary Rose and Karen Winship, on your efforts. BTW, Arnie Govella provided the musical entertainment for that event.  I saw plenty of shows last weekend, but three of them stand out in my mind. First and foremost, Vallejo (Austin, TX) blew the roof off of Treasure Island. They were every bit as powerful as the young funky rock band I worked with 15 years ago in San Antonio. They don’t even look like they’ve aged. And brother, they are still on fire. They have a driving rock beat with a funky bass line and slick Latin percussions. The three Vallejo brothers, AJ, Alex and Omar, should be playing to big arenas. I know they were hooked up with some high powered management teams (such as Mark Proct) in Austin, way back when, who almost got them to the next level. I could easily see them touring Mexico and all of Latin America with Mana or Shakira. I don’t know how Treasure Island proprietor, Tommy Saad, got those guys here, but it was a pleasant surprise and a fantastic show. I guess it’s the old saying, catch them on the way up and on the way down. The other two shows that grabbed me were Michael Martin (San Antonio, TX) at Shorty’s, and the great Mike Stinson Band (Houston, TX) at Giggity’s. Though completely different in nature, both shows blew me away. Michael Martin is a legend in S.A. His band, The Infidels, have been playing the “A” rooms of Alamo City for many years. He has a unique brand of folk rock and bows to no one. He is a true artist and his duo show with guitarist George Batista was superb. The Mike Stinson show was equally impressive. Stinson is an old school California country moves to H-Town kind of country singer. He started out as a drummer in California. They have an original twang that is revered in such great rooms as the Broken Spoke, Ginny’s Little Longhorn and C-Boys Heart and Soul in Austin. If you ever get the chance to see the Mike Stinson Band with Brian Whelan, jump all over it. BTW, you can’t do much better than Lance Smith on guitar and Mark Riddell on bass.




Coming this weekend…

Being that it’s the middle of August right now, we are hitting on all cylinders. For instance, tonight, Thursday the 10th, you got choices. Of course the Free Beer Band will hold their regular court at Giggity’s for their weekly early show 7-10, Selfie will bring their predictable Dunebilly mania to Shorty’s, and the phenomenon known as Ruben V will play the Back Porch. Also tonight, the great country singer-songwriter Tommy Alverson will play Treasure Island. On Friday, the City of Port Aransas will host another installment of their summer concert series, Sunset Sounds, at Roberts Point Park at 7 pm with Cody Wayne. Also on Friday, Scarecrow People will play Treasure Island, Jim Dugan will play the Gaff, the great Bubba Westly will bring his country band from Dallas, complete with fiddle, to Giggity’s. The big show on Friday is at the Back Porch with the big (actually enormous) soul and swing band from Austin, the Night Owls. This is a national touring act that plays big rooms and festivals worldwide. On Saturday at the Porch, our favorite “shake your booty” band from San Antonio, Finding Friday, will return with their funkytown on steroids sound. Also on Saturday, Ty Dietz is at Giggity’s, True Country is at Treasure Island, the Independent Thieves are at Shorty’s and the Gaff will be celebrating their 12th anniversary with a jam from 2-5.  Well, that ought to keep you busy for a while. Stay cool out there.


♫♪♫ And, that’s the truth ♪♫♪



August 3, 2017|  Issue #694

Hot enough for you?

Every week I start out with an outline of what I plan to talk about in the column for the week and at the top of the page is the heading, “Gonzo,” for the first paragraph. It’s usually my slant on whatever adventure I’ve just been through or something I find interesting or funny… or jaded. Today I’ve been staring at my outline page for about three hours and all it says at the top is, “Hot”. I can’t seem to get past it, so I’ve decided to embrace it. Don’t you just love those guys that always say, “Hot enough for you?” Yeah, it’s hot enough for me you twit. I feel like I’m standing in molten lava on the surface of the sun, my hair is on fire and I can’t feel my face. It’s so hot that I thought I’d dig into the interweb, where all things are revealed, and see exactly how hot it is. I found out that it’s so hot, I went outside for a smoke and the cigarette lit itself. It’s so hot, the cows are giving evaporated milk! It’s so hot, the birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground. It’s so hot, that Polar Bears are wearing sun screen. It’s so hot, I saw a fire hydrant chasing a pack of dogs. It’s so hot, I wiped my armpits and got a message in a bottle. It’s so hot, my iceberg lettuce melted. It’s so hot, the chickens are laying hard boiled eggs. It’s so hot, two Hobbits just threw a ring into my back yard. It’s so hot, Jehovah’s Witnesses started telemarketing. It’s so hot, crack heads are putting copper back into A/C units. It’s so hot, I got in a fight with an old guy just because I liked the breeze his arm flaps generated (… too much?) You get the picture, it’s too hot for snakes and getting hotter. Living in south Texas in the summer is not for the weak. Hunker down friends. Hunker down. We still have a ways to go.


Scattered shots…

Man, it was another rip roaring weekend on our little sandbar. All roads in and out were pretty much saturated all weekend. Trying to make a left turn was a lesson in futility. But this is what we want. Right? Packed beaches during the day and packed restaurants, bars and lodges at night… It’s easy to lose focus sometimes. All the shows I went to last weekend were jamming with tourists. There were close to 400 people at the Uncle Lucius show at the Porch, and I probably knew ten of them. Same thing for Gary P. the next night. And it was the same story everywhere. Giggity’s, Treasure Island, Shorty’s… all jammin’ and with a variety of great live music, all within walking distance: Aloha Dave, The Chanklas, Uel Jackson, Billy Snipes and Spendiferous. I fully expect Uncle Lucius to go viral. Those guys, and in particular, lead man Kevin Galloway, have star quality written all over them. With Galloway’s unique voice and their strong songs and tight arrangements, they are the whole package. And they look like they’re having a ball up there.  That always puts a smile on my face.  I sure hope the Back Porch can get them back next year and they haven’t outgrown us yet.




Coming this weekend…

This is exciting. A group I used to book (a lot) back in San Antonio, Vallejo (Austin, TX), is playing Treasure Island on Friday. I know the brothers Vallejo A.J., Omar and Allejandro kicked around Corpus some and play there occasionally. They now claim Austin as their hometown and before that El Campo, and Birmingham, Alabama. This is one dynamic band. They are a hard driving rock band that does everything in the key of funky with a Latin backbeat. I booked them many times at the Lab in S.A. in the early 2000’s and always packed the house. These cats have put out eleven powerful CD’s and have been rocking Austin for years. They are the real deal. And over at the Back Porch, Texas country rocker, Mark McKinney, ought to pack the house. If he doesn’t, Larry Joe Taylor will on Saturday. McKinney is starting to play with some consistency around here and looks like he’s developing a nice following. The two other DO NOT MISS shows this weekend are on Saturday. The Mike Stinson Band (Houston, TX) will bring his California country meets H Town. With Lance Smith on guitar and Mark Riddell on bass, these boys put on a solid country music show. They play rooms like the Broken Spoke and Ginny’s Little Longhorn in Austin. The place to catch them though is on South Congress on Sunday afternoon at C Boys for chicken poop bingo. If he’s not there, Dale Watson will be. Also on Saturday, San Antonio music legend Michael Martin will play Shorty’s. Michael is a household name in S.A. and is the founder and leader of the Infadels. He will be accompanied on guitar by his long time friend and band mate, George Batista. Martin is sort of a Bob Dylan meets Joey Ramone at Alejandro Escovedo’s house. Another show that looks interesting is the Prophets and Outlaws (Dallas, TX) who tout themselves as “Texas Soul.” They will be at Treasure Island on Saturday. Now you got my attention. To me, Texas Soul means in the vein of Delbert. I love that stuff. That ought to hold you for a while. Get out there and support live music. Pay the cover and buy their CD.


♪♫♪ And, that’s the truth ♫♪♫



July 27, 2017 |  Issue #693


Pirate Timmy has left the building…

The island lost another friend this week, Pirate Timmy Flavell went home to meet his maker. Everybody knew and loved Timmy. He was adorable. Always positive and always smiling. He worked at the Flat’s mostly. In the summer he worked out on Captain Billy’s pirate attack boat entertaining the tourists. Timmy loved kids and loved to make them laugh. I’m gonna miss seeing him dashing all over town on that little motor bike of his. He was a lovely man and a true island treasure. Happy trails and smooth sails my friend. You were one of the good ones. It comforts me to know his long time friends from back home in Minnesota, Jeremy Bowen and Sheri Hargrove, (who now reside in Port A) were at his side, along with Timmy’s parents, when he left this world. I’m sure there will be a memorial and spreading of the ashes on the Mustang. Now I gotta go shoo that blackbird off the back fence again.


Shark week is here…

Is anyone else a “Shark Week” junkie like me? I so looked forward to watching Michael Phelps race a Great White and seeing an underwater photographer get trapped in a shark cage with a huge Tiger Shark… and walk away unscathed. There is something about seeing an otherwise sensible man scratch the belly of a ten foot Hammerhead. It’s very exciting. Hawkeye Pierce said it best, “People who go to cockroach races only want to see a cockroach crash.” On the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week there are not only plenty of close calls and old bite scars on surfers with stories to tell, but also scientists telling us the value of sharks and what we can do to preserve them. This is the fourth year in a row Discovery Channel has sent teams to our area for Shark Week. This year they enlisted the Harte Research Scientists for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (TAMUCC). The team spent a week drifting hundreds of miles offshore to study the relationship between sharks and the Gulf of Mexico’s unique artificial reef habitats. To better observe sharks on this unique reef, researchers attached and lived around the clock on a floating platform similar to a pontoon boat for about a week. Anytime the tagged sharks came near, their acoustic tags would ping onto nearby underwater receivers, sending a signal to researchers. This allowed them to quickly dive into the water and observe the sharks’ behavior. One venue in Corpus, Brewster Street Ice House, went so far as to arrange a “meet and greet” with the Shark Week crew and showed this week’s episode, “The Lost Cage.” Another one of the episodes on Shark Week is called, “Nature’s Biggest Badasses”. I’ll tell you who the badasses are, those underwater photographers who keep their cool while a dozen bull sharks circle their heads, trying to decide what wine to have with dinner. And I love the episodes with some guy who had both arms and a leg chewed completely off by a Great White, but now has dedicated his life to their conservation. It’s amazing how many of those guys there are out there.  I can’t get enough of this stuff.


Scattered shots…


Before I get into the live music scene, I want to tell you about our groovy new website here at the word factory. I guess you can probably figure out our address is Our crackerjack graphics gal/columnist, Abi Bair, designed it and it’s a breeze to navigate. Plus, she’s putting our archives on it. There’s an absolute wealth of information in there. Check it out if you’re so inclined! Last weekend was great… really great. There were some old friends and some new surprises. As far as old friends… Stewart Mann is family. His mom, Libby Edwards, lives on Padre and brought the whole crew with her on Saturday via a big white limo. And his band, Statesboro Revue, is top notch. With his brother Garrett on scorching lead guitar, and a repertoire of all things tasty and rocking, Treasure Island had it going on. Also on the familiar side at Giggity’s was the island groove of Flatbroke on Friday, and the jumping Austin blues masters, Michael Milligan and Texiana Bluez on Saturday. The island was jamming and so were the bars. Over at the Back Porch I was pleasantly blown away by Shane Smith and the Saints. I had never heard them or even heard of them. My loss. They are magnificent. They use a lot of effects in their sound. It’s rich and dreamy and Smith’s voice is strong. On Saturday at the Porch, Americana stud Bart Crow played to another SRO crowd. I’d say the Back Porch is leading the lead at this point in the season. Also on Saturday, I ran by the Gaff to see my buddies Kip, Heidi, Patty and Victoria. Those are some solid folks right there. They had a big shindig going on with a lady I’ve been meaning to see, Brooke Graham, from Taylor, Texas. She had the legendary Donnie Price playing upright bass and our own Luis Villareal on percussion. It was a real South Austin kind of show with lots of good country music from Amarillo and Abilene. Graham is a seasoned performer and it shows. Keep an eye out for that one…she’s good.



OK. They’re back. Get ready for another one. Uncle Lucius  (Austin, TX) will play the Back Porch on Friday. You’ve been warned…go early. Also on Friday, the great reggae of the Chanklas will play Giggity’s plus the hardest working man in Comfort, Texas, Uel Jackson will play Shorty’s and we shall re-create the Tarpon Ice House before your very eyes. He’ll be at the Gaff on Saturday. Also on Saturday, the original cosmic cowboy, Gary P. Nunn, will play the Porch, and Aloha Dave will play Gigg’s. That ought to keep you busy for a while.


♫♪♫ And, that’s the truth ♫♪♫



July 20, 2017 |  Issue #692


Port A Music Fest???

There’s not a lot of space today for my gonzo ranting but I’ll give you the (partial) skinny on something  brewing in Port A. The good folks at Port A Parks and Rec Department and Chamber of Commerce have formed a special events committee. This in itself is nothing earth shattering, but what may come of it could be. Since the departure of Ann Vaughn as head of the Chamber, there’s a new guy in charge and it seems he specializes in special events. Welcome Jeff Henz and here’s what he’s planning: “The Special Events Committee, in conjunction with chamber leadership, is currently expanding activities and events for the December holiday season and launching a new month-long series of events for fall. Beachtoberfest will run September 29-October 22, 2017 and will feature events on four consecutive weekends. Activities will include a triathlon, music festival, craft beer tasting, Old Town and plyWooden Boat Festival, surfing competitions, Fall Fest & Tour of Homes at Cinnamon Shore, Art Center Street Dance, Port A Art About, Harvest Moon Regatta, and the 34th Annual Songwriters Showcase.” Did you catch the part that said MUSIC FESTIVAL?  I’ve been nosing around and don’t have details just yet, but my radar is on. I’ve always thought Port Aransas should have a signature music festival to tout once a year. Seems like a no brainer. A few years ago I was invited to a couple of meetings with some Port Aransas Queso Grandes to talk about it. I hope Mr. Henz can get this particular ball rolling. There are enormous obstacles in making such an endeavor successful, but look what happened to SandFest! It can be done. Hey, no guts, no glory.


Scattered shots…

This past weekend me and Rockin’ Dale Rankin jumped in the golf cart, with my pals Bubba and Patti and Dale’s big fancy video camera from Chanel 3, and went looking for music in Port A. We were four souls possessed. It was a big weekend of music and Rankin needed to put a story together for his weekly “Island Report.”  Beforehand I’d roamed around by my lonesome and caught Parker McCollum, Steven James, Beau Walker and Red Giant, but even as good as those shows were, that was just a warm up. When Rockin’ Dale dug out the big camera and we loaded up the buggy, things began to pop. All the bars we hit (Giggity’s, Shorty’s, Back Porch, Tarpon Inn, Treasure Island) were just a few blocks from each other, so catching this many great bands made our task fairly effortless. We started out at the Tarpon Inn where Kelley Mickwee of the great girl band, The Trishas, was performing in the courtyard. Kelley is no stranger to Port A. The Trishas have performed here several times, and she’s also great friends with Lighthouse Rick. She’s absolutely delightful and the setting at the Inn was perfect. Next we went by Giggity’s to ham it up with the Toman Brothers (San Antonio, TX) who Rankin and I have known for decades. They had ‘em going strong over there. Randy pumped it so hard, he lost his voice. Then it was over to Shorty’s for a healthy dose of folk-rock with Ruben Limas and the Rolling J’s. It was packed at Giggity’s and got more so every time we checked back. Likewise at the Back Porch, for the amazing Dirty River Boys (El Paso, TX) and Treasure Island, for Micky and the Motorcars (Austin, TX). Suffice to say, the island was hitting on all cylinders both nights. On Sunday morning, when the rains that were supposed to hit the night before finally did come down with a vengeance, the whole town gridlocked trying to get off the island. The head met the tail. Cars wrapped all the way around town trying to get on the ferry. I took it easy at Giggity’s Sunday brunch show with crooner Mike Williams, with Denny Larkin and Jack Trowbridge in tow. Then I ran over to Padre to see a friend of a friend’s band, Audic Empire, at the Padre Island Burger Company. That is one very cool and rhythmic band… somewhere between world beat, reggae and ska. And the scene at the Burger Company was very cool too. So watch for that band, Audic Empire. There’s really something special going on with them. Their guitarist, Travis Brown, was born to play a guitar. A true natural. That’s an even dozen bands in two days. I didn’t count a couple of opening acts or  jams here and there. My ears are bleeding.




Coming this weekend…

Tonight, Thursday the 20th, is a good night to get out of the house and you have some options. The omnipresent Free Beer Band will be at Giggity’s. I can guarantee that. Also on Thursday, Texas Music rocker, Cody Bryan, is at the Porch and the hottest thing to come out of Annaville, Texas, Ty Dietz, is at Shorty’s. Plus, there’s a big show in town at Concrete Street with Red Dirt superstars, Turnpike Troubadours. On Friday, Shane Smith is at the Back Porch, and Carol Elliott is at the Tarpon Inn. On Saturday, sweet Brooke Graham from Taylor, Texas is hosting her very first “Island Party” at the Gaff from 8-10 and it gets better. Bart Crow is at the Porch. Stewart Mann and Statesboro Revue (Austin, TX) is at Treasure Island and blues master Mike Milligan (Austin, TX) is at Giggity’s. Saturday nights have been on fire around here lately.


♫♪♫ And that’s the truth ♪♫♪



July 13, 2017 |  Issue #691

Sorry Charlie…

OK, where are we? Memorial Day… check. Fourth of July… check. Get the hell out of town… check. I know I was missing some good shows on the island last weekend, but it had to happen. I really didn’t want to miss the Charlie Robison show at the Back Porch. I’ve only seen him a few times, most notably at the San Antonio Sunken Gardens when Charlie first came on the scene and was hotter than Georgia asphalt. I understand from Lee Harper, boss man at the Porch, the show was beyond sold out. So be it. It was my alma mater’s birthday. Yep. My beloved Antone’s was turning 42 and Lazy Lester was going to be there. Sorry Charlie. Austin won this time. I grabbed up my brother-in-law, Jim, when I got to Bastrop and made it into downtown Austin with rockstar parking, in less than 30 minutes. When I left Port A, the ferry line was two hours to get on the island and the whole place was already absolutely seething with tourists. I made the right call. There will be other times to see Charlie Robison, but Lazy Lester is 84.


Blues time in River City…

It was the “Austin Home of the Blues” Antone’s 42 anniversary. Clifford Antone opened the original club on 6th and Brazos in 1975 with “The King of Zydeco,” Clifton Chenier. Historically, the annual anniversary celebrations at Antone’s were a week long event. Clifford would fly in blues greats from Chicago, Louisiana, Memphis… wherever, and put together sidemen for their band, using the best players Austin had to offer. That way there were lots of names on the marquee, such as Buddy Guy, Jimmy Rogers, James Cotton, Hubert Sumlin, Pinetop Perkins, Eddie Taylor, etc., and he’d have local cats like Denny Freeman, Derek O’Brien, Johnny & Jay Moeller, Mike & Cory Keller, Grady Pinkerton, Sarah Brown, Tyrone Vaughan, etc., back them up. That’s the way you do it and Clifford Antone knew it. The line-up this week for “Louisiana Night” featured Lazy Lester, Classy Ballou and T.K. Hulin  on Friday, followed by a week of alumni such as Marcia Ball, Lavelle White, Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, Jimmy Vaughan, Omar and the Howlers, W.C. Clark, The Tailgators, Bob Schneider and, as always, a tribute to the late Doug Sahm featuring all my Westside Horns compadres from S.A., Sauce Gonzales, Al Gomez, Louis Bustos, Jack Barber, Spot Barnett and Urban Urbano. I remember Clifford coming up to me in the Guadalupe Club years ago (when these same guys, except the late Rocky Morales on tenor sax, Randy Garibay on guitar and soulful vocals, and Doug Sahm) and telling me, “Ronnie, it just don’t get no better than this.” (He adored Doug Sahm). And that’s coming from the man who had literally seen it all. I worked for Clifford for many years, in his original club on 6th in the mid 70’s, and the one on 29th and Guadalupe in the early 80’s. I also ran his booking agency for Antone’s Records in the 90’s. So going to Austin for an Antone’s Anniversary Celebration is like old home week for me. It was great seeing Lester. I have many stories. We traveled quite a bit together doing shows in Europe and Brazil. Lazy Lester is one of the founders of “Louisiana Swamp Pop” along with Jimmy Reed, Lightin’ Slim and Slim Harpo. Lester recorded for Excello Records and wrote all those songs The Fabulous Thunderbirds got famous covering, like: Sugar Coated Love, I’m Lover Not a Fighter, I Hear You Knockin’, etc. His songs have also been recorded by The Kinks, The Flamin’ Groovies, Freddy Fender, Dave Edmunds and Dwight Yoakum. He’s the real deal and still performing.


Scattered shots…

On Saturday, I ran up to Round Rock with my sister and Jim. You remember Jim from Friday night?  He’s a music lover too. A friend of theirs, Jeff Robertson, who is also a luthier, was playing with his gospel bluegrass band, Robertson County Line, at a festival for the “Old Settler’s Association “ in Williamson County. The band was really excellent with great four part harmonies. They played the old timey way with few electronics and one vocal mic shared in the middle; a nice selection of original gospel and bluegrass numbers with classic instrumentation: acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro, upright bass, and mando. I gotta say, these guys put the Sandy Bottom Boys to shame.  But I never did quite figure out the setup for this festival. There were no signs, no promo on the interweb, and no advertising I could find. It was odd. The entrance to the festival was a disguised as an office with a closed sign on it. The stage looked like it was decorated from a 4th of July show of some sort--very patriotic, covered in stars and stripes. But there were lots of people once we got inside the big hall. I guess those Old Settlers have a good underground network.



Coming this weekend…


Parker McCollum is playing the Back Porch on Friday. I don’t know him but “Lone Star Music” says, “Parker is in his early 20s, but he's already earning comparisons to artists like Ryan Bingham and John Mayer.” Also on Friday, Treasure Island will have Steven James and the Jaded, and at Giggity’s, Beau Walker (Robstown, TX) will play some great Southern Rock. Plus singer-songwriter Slaid Cleaves (Austin, TX) will play Third Coast. Slaid is great. His songs are great. He almost hit it big with “Down at the Horseshoe Lounge.” I wish he had. On Saturday the big show will be at Treasure Island with Micky and the Motorcars. At one point, these guys were a very hot ticket on the New Country Music scene. They are part of the Oklahoma red dirt gang with Cody Canada. AND, AND, AND… the Dirty River Boys (El Paso, TX) are back in town and that’s where I’ll be. They hang the moon. So do the Toman Brothers (San Antonio, TX) who’ll play Giggity’s. Man, you got a lot of choices. Go to them all. That’s what I do.


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July 6, 2017 Issue #690

 Hey baby, it’s the 5th of July…


Well, that certainly was one long rolling Fourth of July weekend. All the bars pulled out their heavy artillery over the weekend and so by the time the 4th proper came around on Tuesday, I was so over it. I mean, enduring a packed out island from Thursday to Tuesday should have hazard pay. And, did Bron bring in another thousand golf carts to town, or what? Dude, they were everywhere. I did see PAPD pulled over one golf cart on the beach that was loaded down with so many kids, they were spilling out of the seats. I saw some aerial pics of the beach traffic during the height of the holiday and it looked a lot like SandFest. It’s easy to say, this was one of the busiest weekends of the year. And in case this might come up next year, plan early because Moby Dick’s doesn’t sell grass skirts anymore. I felt plum out of uniform flipping burgers this year, although I did get my standard 4th of July dose of Dave Alvin in. And so, as we now move past the 4th, I can’t help but to worry about those poor folks on Padre that are absolutely embedded in a full on attack of blowing sand. It’s a horrible situation down there and it’s starting to take its toll, especially with all this relentless wind we’ve had lately. I guess I didn’t realize until I saw Moon Monkey Mary Craft on the local news,  that this isn’t just plain old sand that’s wrecking everyone’s respiratory systems, contact lenses and paint jobs, it’s the crud they dredged up from the bottom of Lake Padre that we’re ingesting. Channel 3 also interviewed Dr. Tom who talked about the increase in sand irritant related heath concerns that he’s been treating in abundance lately and also Councilman Greg Smith who talked about the 72 City Code violations the developer has been cited with, totally nearly $62,000 in fines. It’s a big mess down there and getting messier. I can attest, the way the wind has been blowing lately, looks like a West Texas dust storm at its finest… and the Island Moon office is right in its path. The poor Rankins have been coughing up crap for weeks now. This is crazy not to mention a HUGE inconvenience, not to mention a health risk, to Padre residents… even more so than tourists in golf carts, just to put things in perspective.


Scattered shots...


If you couldn’t find any music last weekend, you weren’t looking.  I started off the evening on Friday at the courtyard of the historic Tarpon Inn where songbird Carol Elliott performs every week from 8-10. It’s a nice, mellow scene out there and the food is great at Roosevelt’s. I had planned to catch Mike Stinson (Houston, TX) at Giggity’s on Friday but there was a last minute replacement with The Groove. Stinson will be back August 5th. The show to catch last Friday was at Treasure Island with Zane Williams (McKinney, TX). I had never seen Mr. Williams before and was quite impressed. For one thing, he showed up with a fiddle player… and a good one at that. That’s the sign of a man who takes his country music seriously. Throw a steel player in there too, and you really mean business. Williams had an authentic feel to him, like he knows the business end of a John Deere. I like him. I also caught some of the MarkMcKinney (Austin, TX) show at the Back Porch last Friday. This boy is rocking. He’s got some jiggle in his step and plays a pretty mean mouth harp. He fits right in with this new wave of Texas music. McKinney played Treasure Island the following night and Larry Joe Taylor (Stephenville, TX) was at the Porch. That, my friend, is a pretty solid music agenda right here in Port Aransas. Throw in all those shows at Shorty’s, with Selfie, the nice turnout for Jack Gant’s annual birthday jam and crazy Pete Benz (Austin, TX) for two nights and you got yourself something.




Coming this weekend…


Tonight, Thursday the 6th, there is a big show at Brewster Street with the Randy Rogers-Wade Bowen “Hold My Beer” show. That will be good. Tommy Saad over at Treasure Island has kicked it up a notch and is doing some bigger shows at his establishment. On Friday the 7th, he will bring in Josh Ward and on Saturday the 15th, Tommy will present Micky and the Motorcars and Statesboro Revue on the 22nd. Also this weekend, both the Back Porch and Giggity’s have it going on. The Porch has Americana super studs Charlie Robison (Bandera, TX) on Friday and Max Stalling  (Dallas, TX) on Saturday. Wow. I am huge fans of both those guys but Charlie Robison is exceptional. His song El Ceritto is one of my all time favorites. Both Robison and Stalling are heavy hitters on the Texas Country Music circuit and have been for years. Nice going booker, Becky Hyden. Giggity’s has another great country band, James Little on Friday and the reggae of The Chanklas on Saturday. That is one killer weekend right there. Plus The Independent Thieves and Stevie Start will rock Shorty’s.


On the horizon…


On the near horizon, watch for shows by Parker McCollum, Steven James and the Jaded, Beau Walker, Slaid Cleaves, The Dirty River Boys, The Toman Brothers, Cody Bryan, Ty Dietz, Turnpike Troubadours, Flatbroke, Vallejo, Statesboro Revue, Brooke Graham, Michael Milligan and Uncle Lucius. That ought to keep you busy for a while. Be safe out there.


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June 29, 2017 Issue #689


When the lights don’t work…


Hey, you want to see the coconut telegraph at it’s finest? Last week when the power went off on Padre and Port A in the middle of the afternoon, it was no time at all before the crowd at Shorty’s had spilled on to the porch and spontaneously combusted into a bonified locals party, right before our very eyes. Once the word got out, the rage was on and the locals came running in droves. I guess they figured, “back to basics, let rock Shorty’s”. And the rumors were flying… within no time, it had become the power outage that ate south Texas. It was something to do with a “transmission line” (as Renee kept informing us), which we were told, holds hundreds of thousands of volts and could fry you just like that… but it will be back on by seven (this was at like five in the afternoon) and we’ll be back on the grid before dark. This was the perfect storm and a perfect drill for if and when the big one hits. I can see Shorty’s as “hurricane central”. I mean, the Coast Guard couldn’t be any closer. You could throw a rock from the porch at Shorty’s and hit their barracks (if you were Nolan Ryan). And the bar is well stocked. We’ve proven that we don’t really need electricity… the beer will stay cold, at least for a little while. Naw. I think I’ll take my chances in Bastrop when the big one hits. But, if the walls could talk, I’d love to hear the stories from some old salts that may have ridden a storm or two out at Shorty’s. I bet Miss Rose’s grandson, Brian Underwood has a tale to tell.


Scattered shots…


It was a Finding Friday (San Antonio, TX) sort of weekend. They played a two nighter at the Back Porch and it was a booty shakeathon. The booty shaking was infectious. This is a BIG eight piece party band from S.A. that has a loyal following of booty shakers where ever they go. I’ve been knowing the big guy on vocals, Chris Byrd, from our days working together at the Lab in S.A. about 15 years ago. Byrd is blessed with a voice that can nail Prince or Ceelo and makes you wonder how he gets it up that high. And with the voice of the lovely Cici Zavala added to the mix, this jumping unit is unstoppable. Cici never stops dancing on stage. You can’t take your eyes off her. The seriously had the dance floor packed for two straight days. I saw stuff I will never be able to unsee on that dance floor.I also popped in to Treasure Island last Friday to catch a set of Beach Stone Rise. They are a white boy reggae band that is cool. I also ran by Shorty’s for a dose of Ty Dietz. He had his usual crew with him: Cody Strong, Matt Martinez and J.M. Muniz. Ty Dietz is the best kept secret in town. Don’t tell anyone, but he’s really good.




Coming this weekend…


We can call this weekend, “Finding the Fourth of July” since the actual holiday falls on a Tuesday this year. What that means is, there will be fireworks shows on both ends of the island on the 4th proper. But this weekend, the live music calendar is definitely beefed up and the festivities will begin. Starting on Thursday, tonight the 29th, Chris Saucedo and the Bravehearts (San Antonio, TX) will play the Back Porch and Selfie will play Shorty’s. Then on Friday, this town opens up. There is a Texas Country Music meltdown. Mike Stinson (Houston, TX) will play Giggity’s, Zane Williams (McKinney, TX) will play Treasure Island and Mark McKinney (Austin, TX). All three of these shows are keepers and all three of these artists are on fire. Figure out a way to see all three of these shows. Trust me, this is world class stuff. Earlier in the evening, Carol Elliott will perform at the Tarpon Inn from 8-10. Plus variety meets comedy with Pete Benz (Austin, TX) at Shorty’s. He’ll be there for a two nighter. On Saturday, the man who coined “Island Time”, Larry Joe Taylor (Stephenville, TX) will play the Back Porch, Todd Dorn and the Sea Drifters (San Antonio, TX) will bring his smooth country to Giggity’s and the Black Marlin will host a big show with Radney Foster and the Rankin Twins. Also on Saturday, Treasure Island has some mystery show going on with a “Surprise Texas Country” guest… any guesses? Plus, here’s a big birthday shout out to our pals Robin Krenek, who celebrates the big five o this year and to Jack Gant who will be having his yearly birthday jam at Shorty’s from 4-8.


Hey baby, it’s the Fourth of July…


Every year when the Fourth of July rolls around, I have a little routine I go through that involves the incessant playing of Dave Alvin’s song “Fourth of July” for three days straight. I have done it for years. It is what I do. It is who I am. If you look up the vid on YouTube, there is a big, burly looking Mexican guy wearing a Hawaiian grass skirt, grilling hamburgers. I too will be grilling hamburgers in my grass skirt. I’m not a big, burly Mexican guy, but I dig him. I think that guy in his grass skirt, grilling hamburgers with a spatula in his hand, with his kids and friends and family all around is what the Fourth is all about. The Fourth falls on Tuesday. There will be fireworks as there always is. My watching spot is from the back of Gentry’s boat behind the Back Porch. I’ve watched many 4th of July fireworks shows from Gentry’s boat. It’s who I am. Lee Roy Hoskins over at the Tarpon Inn is throwing a gig Fourth of July party. They’ll have BBQ and Simon Snyder performing. They want an RSVP for this shindig. The number is 5555. And Giggity’s will have the Paul Taylor Band playing from 7-10 as he does every Tuesday. Watch that Dave Alvin video. It’ll change your life. Happy birthday America!


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June 22, 2017 Issue #689

100 Greatest Country Artists of All Time…

This week Rolling Stone Magazine released their new “greatest” list they’re famous for and I found it interesting. This one is “The 100 Greatest Country Artists of All Time.” It was actually quite well rounded and covered the entire gamut of the history of country music artists without going back as far as Roy Rogers or Gene Autry. The interpretation was loose. Merle Haggard came in first and John Denver came in last. They gave brief credence to the Texas Music movement, giving Willie Nelson (#6), Waylon Jennings (#7),  and Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys (#14) respectable honors, and a nod to Doug Sahm (#60), Townes Van Zandt (#83), Guy Clark (#68), Jerry Jeff Walker (#93), Steve Earle (#84), Lucinda Williams (#91), Asleep At the Wheel (#75), and Billy Joe Shaver (#65). They paid respectful homage to the pioneers: Hank Williams (#2), Webb Pierce (#61), Jim Reeves (#54), Flatt and Scruggs (#30), Bill Monroe (#27), Lefty Frizzell (#22), The Louvin Brothers (#24), Johnny Horton (#57),  Roy Acuff (#66), Hank Snow (#40), Jimmy Rogers (#11), Porter Wagoner (#44), Kitty Wells (#42), Johnny Cash (#3), Hank Thompson (#56), Marty Robbins (#64), Patsy Cline (#12), Tennessee Ernie Ford (#48), George Jones (#9), Loretta Lynn (#4), Buck Owens (#13), Ray Price (#15), Faron Young (#63), The Carter Family (#5), Kitty Wells (#42), The Stanley Brothers (#35), Jerry Lee Lewis (#35),  etc., and to the Baby Boomer Nashville cats: Marty Stuart (#76), Conway Twitty (#21), Tom T. Hall (#26), Gary Stewart (#46), Emmy Lou Harris (#58), Reba McEntire (#36),  Brooks and Dunn (#95),  Crystal Gale (#90), Roseanne Cash (#78), Ronnie Milsap (#53), Hank Williams Jr. (#50), Don Williams (#52), The Judds (#88), Kenny Rogers (#49), Dolly Parton (#8), Garth Brooks (#10), Randy Travis (#32), George Strait (#20), etc., and the newer Nashville crop: Alison Krauss (#94), Brad Paisley (#97), Toby Keith (#96), Keith Urban (#98), Carrie Underwood (#99), The Dixie Chicks (#45), etc. I did take issue with calling some of the new chart toppers the “greatest of all times” such as Eric Church (#85), Jamie Johnson (#87), Miranda Lambert (#33) and Taylor Swift (#80). Even though a list of 100 is a lot, the writers who assembled this list (all 14 of them) chose not to honor such recording icons as Elvis Presley or Ray Charles even though their contributions to country music are historic. They did, however, honor the often hard to pigeon hole Graham Parsons (#39), Dwight Yoakum (#71) and John Prine (#38). They give a brief bio and their place in country music history. I consider this to be an ambitious attempt to put a complete musical genre into one tidy little box. It’s obvious that there were many things to consider and… uh…well… music isn’t a competition in my book and ultimately I think “best of” lists are just another marketing ploy (Grammy’s, Oscars, Austin Music Awards, etc). But it was fun taking a little jaunt down memory lane and thinking about artists I haven’t thought of in years. I really appreciate them mentioning Doug Sahm. He is often overlooked. Rolling Stone actually said that Doug, “could play almost any instrument, and could have easily gone the route of becoming the new Hank Williams.”


Jazz pianist, Rocky Arnold, passes…

The great jazz pianist, Rocky Arnold, has passed. A resident of Calallen, Rocky was 95. Rocky was a nationally acclaimed keyboardist who played with such jazz stars as Paul Desmond and Bud Powell. His band mate and friend, Mike Williams, said of Rocky, “I met and played music with Rocky since 1992. He was a mentor and great musical example for me to follow. He will be missed.” Rocky was veteran of World War II, and served in the Navy where he had to be rescued in the water by a submarine while in a battle at sea.


Scattered shots…

There was this weekend with Mike Milligan, The Groove, Eric Magnusson, Carol Elliott, Mike Blakely and Jerry Diaz… and then there was Uncle Lucius. To say Uncle Lucius is a cut above, is an understatement. They waltzed into the Back Porch like bosses last Saturday and proceeded to rip the roof off the joint (if it had a roof they would have ripped it off). The place was packed from about 6:00 on, from people trying to stake out their tables. I sat with a bunch of my local friends in the front row, who are Uncle Lucius fanatics. It got a little surreal by the end of the night. The “Americana/Texas Music” radio stations have dug their fangs into this band but the description doesn’t do them justice. This is a rock band… and rock band with lots of angles. They play 98% original music and their lead singer, Kevin Galloway, has a voice that women swoon to. Their guitarist, Michael Carpenter, and their keyboardist, Jon Grossman, are ABSOLUTE MONSTERS. The unique sounds and soulful grooves these cats create transcend genres and really are nothing short of spellbinding. I’m going to stop gushing right now. But, they’re good. Trust me. They’ll be back on July 28.




Coming this weekend…


Finding Friday (San Antonio, TX) will play a two nighter at the Back Porch this weekend. This is the only band that ever gets a two nighter at the Back Porch. ‘Nuff said. Prepare to get your booty shakin’. Also on Friday, Uel Jackson will bring his Tarpon Ice House vibe to the Gaff. That’s a good fit. Plus on Friday, James Little plays country at Treasure Island, Ty Dietz plays original folk at Shorty’s and Flatbroke plays reggae at Giggity’s. On Saturday, Matt Hole and the Hot Rod Gang brings some scorching rockabilly to Gigg’s, Beach Stone Rise will bring their island beat to Treasure Island and cowgirl Melissa Brooke will play Scuttlebutt’s. That ought to keep you busy for a while. Be safe out there.


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May 25, 2017

Marcia Ball named 2018 Texas State Musician…

I want to congratulate legendary Austin pianist, Marcia Ball, on her appointment as the 2018 Texas State Musician. The award is given by the Texas Legislature. A selection committee including the state's current poet laureate, musician and artist made the final call after reviewing the list of finalists provided by the Texas Commission on the Arts. Members of the selection committee are appointed by the governor, lieutenant governor and speaker of the House of Representatives. State artists serve one-year terms and can play on the TCA’s Texas Touring Roster. Previous State Musicians include Joe Ely, Billy Joe Shaver, Jimmy Vaughan, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, Shelley King, Ray Benson, Dale Watson, Billy Gibbons and Sara Hickman. Marcia was born in Orange, Texas and raised in Louisiana. She moved to Austin in 1970 and first surfaced as Frieda and the Firedogs with


Marcia Ball named 2018 Texas State Musician.storied John X Reed on guitar. She was described in USA Today as "a sensation, saucy singer and superb pianist... where Texas stomp-rock and Louisiana blues-swamp meet." She has 17 solo recordings and plays clubs and festivals worldwide. She is a mainstay at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival each Spring. Miss Ball also co-founded H.O.M.E., an Austin based charity, formed to assist aging musicians such as Miss Lavelle White with living and medical expenses. This award couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person.


Cancer sucks…

Cancer has claimed the lives of several popular regional musicians this week. In Austin singer-songwriter Jimmy LaFave (Austin, TX) and bassist/producer George Reif lost their battles with the disease and in San Antonio, singer-songwriter/journalist Ron Young also passed. There has been mass morning for these beloved artists in their respective cities. LaFave had just played his star studded farewell concert at the Paramount Theater only a few days before his passing. The last song he played at this show was Goodnight Irene. Ron Young was an old friend of mine. He and D.J. Stone ran my open mic at Billy Blues for years. He was writing about music in the San Antonio Light when S.A. was a two “big daily” town.  I feel like the grim reaper lately, I can’t seem to go more than a couple of columns without having to write about another casualty. I don’t know how I got to be the blackbird on the back fence here. And, please send your thoughts and prayers to our pal, Scott Lagedrost, who just underwent a ten hour surgery to reconstruct his bladder because of cancer. Scott is the brother of Susan Powell who owned the Back Porch Bar for many years. This really sucks. Cancer really sucks. Savor every moment, people.


Some dirty rat stole my teeth…

So, on a lighter note… I ran into our local torch singer, Mike Williams, at Giggity’s Sunday brunch last weekend and he seemed a bit perplexed. He said he had come home the day before to take a nap. He took out his “partial” and sat it on the night stand next to his bed. When he woke up later, his teeth were gone and all that was left there was a rat turd. I’m thinking, “Man, that’s some kind of low down dirty rat that would steal a man’s teeth.” Mike said the worse part is now having to rearrange his set list. I can’t do “Fly Me to the Moon” anymore. “Try singing, ‘I will worship you’ with no front teeth. I’m spitting all over the microphone.” Anyone going to Progresso anytime soon?


Scattered shots…

I rattled around campus all weekend and caught a bunch of shows: Red Giant, Flatbroke, Eric Magnusson, Thomas Michael Riley (Fredericksburg, TX), The Toman Brothers (San Antonio, TX) and Rosie Flores (Austin, TX). I got to sit down with Rosie Flores for a nice chat. She is an impressive lady who has been out there in the trenches for many years. She’s worked shows all over the planet and with everyone you can think of. The Tomans put on an excellent show at Giggity’s on Saturday. It was jumping in there. Earlier in the day, local trop-rockers Triggerfish had held a CD Release party and played for about an hour. There was a time when Triggerfish owned this town. It was nice to see them keeping the flame alive. I know the Parrot Heads loved it.Miss Rosie Flores, the Rockabilly Filly, played the Back Porch on Saturday




Memorial Day Weekend…

We made it. We’re here. Somebody open the gates and let ‘em in. The 2017 summer tourist season is officially here. Happy Memorial Day everybody!!! My father was a WWII vet and very active in the American Legion. On Memorial Day when we were kids, he always had me and my little sister out on the streets of downtown Lubbock selling paper poppies for the veterans and he always gave a speech about patriotism. It was a very special day in my household. So bring on the masses and let’s do this thing. Today, Thursday the 25th, Beat Bodega brings their latin beat to Rockit’s, Selfie will be bringing their “dunebilly” to the Back Porch and The Free Beer Band will play their weekly residency at

Giggity’s. On Friday, cosmic cowboy Gary P. Nunn (Austin, TX)

Gary P. Nunn will play the Back Porch on Friday.will play the Porch, Somethin’ Silky will play Treasure Island, Ahhfugyeah (AFY) the party band with members of Spoonfed Tribe will play Giggity’s, James Little will bring his country show to Giggity’s, Bushbullit will play the Wild Horse, Ty Dietz is at Shorty’s and the Hot Attacks will play Mikel Mays. On Saturday, singer-songwriter Bruce Robison will play the Palmilla Beach Resort, the man who coined “Island Time”, Larry Joe Taylor (Stephenville, TX) will play the Back Porch, John Boyd and Passing Strangers (San Antonio, TX) will play Treasure Island and Billy Snipes and the Rasta Cowboys will play Shorty’s. On Sunday, Todd Dorn and the Sea Drifters (San Antonio, TX) will play Giggity’s, James Little is at Treasure Island and Selfie will play Shorty’s. Be careful out there this weekend. It ain’t nothin’ but cops and drunks.


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Saturday,  August 19

Mario Flores @ Back Porch

Billy Snipes @ The Gaff

Todd Dorn & the Sea Drifters @ Giggity’s

Jason Southern @ Treasure Island

Chanklas @ Shorty’s

Metal Shop @ Brewster Street

Splendiferous @ Rockit’s

Leopold & His Fiction + 3 Bands @ House of Rock


Sunday, August  20

Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s


Monday, August 21

Open Jam @ Giggity’s

Seether @ Concrete Street


Tuesday, August 22

Paul Taylor @ Giggity’s

Open Mic @ House of Rock


Wednesday, August 23

Billy Snipes @ Giggity’s

Scarecrow People, Arcade Hustlers @ House of Rock


Thursday, August  24

Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s

Captain Legendary @ Back Porch

Ty Dietz @ Shorty’s

Open Mic w/ Denny Larkins @ Behringer’s Landing

Bart Crow @ Brewster Street

Somethin’ Silky @ Rockit’s

Through the Roots + 3 Bands @ House of Rock


Friday, August  25

James Little @ Giggity’s

10th & C @ The Gaff

Jim Dugan @ Shorty’s

Darryl Lee Rush @ Back Porch

Five Card Draw @ Brewster Street

SA Lights @ Rockit’s

Kota the Friend + 4 Bands @ House of Rock


Saturday,  August  26

Davin James @ Back Porch

Uel Jackson @ Shorty’s

Close Enough @ The Gaff

Ruben & the Rolling J’s @ Giggity’s

Hip Hop Hooray @ Brewster Street

Cruise Control @ Rockit’s

Poetry & Prose + 2 Bands @ House of Rock


Sunday, August  27

Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s

Stoney Larue, Reverend’s Daughter @ Brewster Street


Monday, August 28

Open Jam @ Giggity’s


Tuesday, August 29

Paul Taylor @ Giggity’s

Open Mic @ House of Rock


Wednesday, August 30

Jimmy Wilden @ Giggity’s

Scarecrow People, Oddfellas @ House of Rock


Thursday, August  31

Warhorses @ Back Porch

Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s

Selfie @ Shorty’s

Open Mic w/ Denny Larkins @ Behringer’s Landing

Somethin’ Silky @ Rockit’s

Lee Winright @ House of Rock


Friday, September 1

Thomas Michael Riley @ Back Porch

The Groove @ Giggity’s

Ty Dietz @ Shorty’s

Social Distortion @ Concrete Street


Saturday, September 2

Larry Joe Taylor @ Back Porch

Mark McKinney, Gary P. Nunn @ Black Marlin

Matt Hole & the Hot Rod Gang @ Giggity’s

Bad Buoys @ Shorty’s



Sunday, September 3

Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s

Red Giant @ Shorty’s




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